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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

each end of the spectrum

In case y'all hadn't figured it out by now, every type of person comes into
the restaurant, any kind of personality you can imagine, and then some. On
any given day there is a wide range of folks coming in, and you just never
know when, or for that matter, if and what kind of interaction there is going
to be. Case in point was Sunday night. Right in the middle of a fairly busy
evening this local Goth band appeared, in full getup, makeup, and hair. This
is one of 2 Goth bands that frequents the restaurant late night, so I know
most of them by name. But they usually do not come in full gear. Well,
apparently they had just shot a video, and were hosting another Goth band
from NY, who came in with them. Spiked colored hair, lots of leather and/or
black clothing, boots, extra piercings and tatoos (or so it seemed!). Ok, I
know what you are thinking, and to be honest, I thought it too in the past,
kind of scary. But of all the regular customers at the restaurant, these kids
are the kindest, wittiest, intelligent, and most well mannered of all of them,
or at least in the top 5 anyway. Furthermore, they always tip their waitress
at least 20%. Alot of folks less scary looking don't tip nearly as generously.
So back to my narration - they all came in, 15 of them, and yes, of course,
they got the compulsory stares and comments. Oh well. But the fun and
games didn't end there. After Goth band #1 left and their tables were
being cleaned off, these vans pulled up. I saw a host of middle aged folks
coming in, all dressed up in their Sunday best - yes, church people,
apparently hungry after a revival of some sorts. So the 12 of them had just
sat down when lo and behold, Goth band #2 walked in! They were fewer
in number than band #1, and not in full makeup or dress, but still with
the obligatory dark clothes, colored hair, piercings, and tatoos. Let's just
say that I had way too much fun watching the reactions of the church
people, who were just one booth away from the Goths - the shaking of
heads, nods, elbows, and tsk tsks. Gotta love it! And this is where my
little buddy Francesca comes in. She was with Goth band #2, as their
lead singer is her sister, who I will call Lilly here. This is a classic case
of 2 sisters being total opposites and having nothing in common, other
than both being pretty girls. Lilly is quite tall, thin, very fair skinned,
very blonde (when her hair isn't colored), and quite Goth. Francesca
is short, very dark brown hair and olive complexion, no where near
big but not nearly as slim as Lilly, and one of the most un-Goth folks
around; in the 80's Francesca would have been called a valley girl!
Obviously they dress differently and have different tastes in men.
Francesca drinks, parties, and in a flash is ready for a road trip to the
beach, while Lilly's idea of going out is coming to the restaurant for a
spinach calzone! But every once in a while, the 2 sisters come in
together (Lilly is the oldest and much more mature), and it is nice to
see that. And in closing, I will say that both dark Goth bands tipped
their waitress over 20%, while the prim and proper church folks barely
tipped 10%! See what I mean? Go figure!


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