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Sunday, September 03, 2006

just a bummer

Well, yesterday will definately not go down as one of the better days this
year. First my husband and I got to this wine festival deal, it was a bunch
of tents in the middle of an extremely muddy, puddly field (remember we
had all that rain). Call us snobs or whatever, but we were not about to hit
something that looked like a flea market and get our shoes filthy, so we
just turned right around and went to lunch! Then later at the restaurant,
I got a call from Lola. She was about 60 miles from the Alaska border. That
was the good news. The bad news is that she had a flat tire, and when she
tried to change it, some bolt or screw or something connected to putting on
the new tire broke, so she was stranded, as she put it, 'in the middle of
nowhere'. Fortunately she was near a rest area, so she went there and got
on the pay phone, found a wrecker who said he be there in a couple of
hours, but couldn't fix her car til the next day. Lola sounded just crushed
on the phone, I really hope that everything got taken care of today; she
had been planning on being in Anchorage last night. Now she was just
hoping to get there by Tuesday, as he had an appointment with someone
about an apartment there, plus Wednesday she has a job interview. Sure
hope she is able to call me tonight, will keep y'all posted on her travails!
Then the night took an even worse turn when my friends the Thompsons
came in for dinner. Things seemed to be going well, they were eating
their pasta, making nice conversation. Then at one point I had to go make
a cappuccino, so my back was to them. All of a sudden, their waitress
came over to me (Shaniqua) and told me that the lady felt bad and they
were leaving. I turned around and saw Mr. Thompson standing at the cash
register looking shaken. I asked what was wrong, apparently Mrs. Thomp-
son felt some pains and had to get up and leave. I told them to call me and
let me know what was going on; he did a couple of hours later and said
she felt somewhat better, but was disturbed to find out that this had
happened on Wednesday too, but she sort of had forgotten to mention
it to him! Well, I just told him 2 words - EMERGENCY ROOM - but it
seems our beloved Mrs. Thompson is stubborn and refused to go. So I
called them today after breakfast and she answered, sounding chipper
and as if everything was OK. I sure hope so, can't mess around with
stuff like that. Need to give Mr. Thompson some tips on putting his foot
down with folks who don't want to listen! (I know they read my blog, so
I am bound to get some kind of reaction here, but that's OK, medical
issues are serious matters). As tomorrow is a holiday and all of us will
be home, we will probably get together for lunch (and for Mr. Thompson
to give us gardening hints while my husband fixes his computer!). I do
have some good news though. Mrs. Reagan called me, told me not to
save her table, that she was going out to dinner with a mutual friend
(who I will discuss in the near future), so I was just glad she felt up to
that! The Whistler and his wife came in, Shaniqua took good care of
them, and they seemed to enjoy their visit. And another older couple I
have mentioned, the Browns (they who bring me pecans!), came in. Mr.
Brown was wearing these Mafia style sunglasses - he had cataract
surgery a few days OK and has to wear sunglasses when going out for
several days, but at least his surgery went well. Always kind of worrisome
when someone older who already has health issues has to have anesthesia.
Did I spell that right? No spell check here, and too lazy to go get my


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