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Thursday, September 07, 2006

blog and ads

So I have been noticing the last couple of weeks that the ads that Google
puts on my blog main page are basically based on the stuff I write. When
I wrote about dogs, there was stuff there about dog breeds and such.
Then when I wrote about some of my college drinking escapades, there
were ads for bar supplies and drink recipes. Now a couple of days ago I
wrote about the Goths, and yes, I have Goth ads! Mixing it up, never
know what you're going to have (I do that to keep y'all on your toes
actually - wink wink!!). Last night at the restaurant it wasn't too busy,
and much to my surprise and joy my husband joined me for dinner
and sat for a bit. Naturally I introduced him to the staff, and all the
regular customers who I chat with. Lisa and Peter were among those
folks, as was Warren, who came by to visit before he departs our fair
city. Also spoke briefly with Lilly and her HOUSEMATE Roy - I am
emphasizing housemate because as I introduced them to my hubby,
Roy said he was Lilly's housemate, but either I misunderstood or
didn't hear right, and thought he said HUSBAND...and I quickly
realized my error when I saw the look on the faces when I asked them
when they got married?!!!? So it's just housemate, make no mistake!
They were kind enough to suggest a local website for folks to add
their blog address to, which I did do today. So to any folks reading
'Not Your Everyday News' after seeing it listed on that website,
welcome and thank you....and all comments - negative, positive, or
what have you - will be greatly appreciated and even mulled over!
And for those of you familiar with the restaurant, yes, that is Tina
who is training to be the night-time hostess with the mostess (well,
the mostess of breast augmentation!). And believe it or not, despite
her past and what folks may think of her, she really is doing a great
job and will probably be ready to go solo next week. Just goes to
show that when people are given a chance to sort out their lives, a
second or even third chance, that a good side comes out and does
indeed shine. I just hope that down the road the same will happen
with Kathy (the one currently residing at the local room and board
with 3 squares); she has gotten work release and will be back at
the restaurant next week if all goes well. I would like to think that
this will be the last time Kathy will be in such a situation, but she
has to decide that and want it herself, no one else can make such life
changing alterations for her. Well heck, got all philosophical today,
I just wanted to make the point that some people just need a little
push to tap their potential; it kind of gives you a bit of satisfaction
when you witness a turnaround and know you played a role, even
if quite a minor one, in it. So come to visit Tina and soon also Kathy
at the restaurant and experience their vibrant personalities!


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