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Friday, September 08, 2006

weekend and football

My friends, football season has arrived! Finally I have something
interesting to watch on TV again. The last time I really watched the
boob-tube was earlier this summer when the World Cup was going
on (that huge worldwide soccer tourney that occurs every 4 years).
But now I will be entertained again for the next 5 months. Am curious
to see how the Dallas Cowboys will do this season, I hope well, but am
not too sure, as there are a few questions marks at some of the key
positions. As far as the football team of the local university, well, they
already lost last week, and quite badly I may add, so this week and next
are basically must win games, as the schedule this year doesn't have many
easy ones after that. Have a feeling it will be a long season for our college
boys. But nonetheless, weekends will be busier this fall, whether there are
home games or not, as even when they play away, other events seem to
always be going on around campus. So our first football weekend is here,
curious to see how busy we will be! I hope alot, as time goes by faster, you
keep moving and suddenly 5-6 hours have gone by. I think the person who
suffers most during football season is Mrs. Reagan. She lives within walking
distance of the football stadium here, so she always keeps abreast of game
times so she can be home and have her car parked at least 2 hours before
the game starts (lots of tailgaters you know), as her street tends to fill up
FAST! Last year I managed to snag a couple of orange cones for her to put
up in front of her house, I think she uses them as a kind of buffer, or at
least I hope she does! Oh, and to completely change the subject, Lola is
alive and well in Alaska. She called me yesterday to inform me that she has
found an apartment, will move in today, and at least has a bed for right
now, maybe will get a cheap futon over the weekend. Has had a job inter-
view and filled out an application for another place too, so hopefully will
have good news on that front next week. She seems excited, especially
about seeing her first moose in the middle of a highway, and a baby bear
cub in some park too! Yes, Lola and her greyhound in the great, wild,
cold Alaska frontier!


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