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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

goodbye and hello (again!)

*yawn* did the opening shift today, and it was very rough getting up
so early this morning after working just nights the last 2 weeks, so
feeling a bit rough right now, plus it was rainy and gray all day. *yawn*
Well, today Warren (our former assistant night-time manager) came by
and said goodbye, he is on his way to his new life out of state. Will miss
him for sure, as he was one of the few folks at the restaurant not in and
out of court, or with immense drama in his life, and who you could
actually have an intellectual conversation with, rather than a discussion
about a new tattoo or getting busted for a DUI. So it was a sad moment,
I just wish him all the best. But there is some good news - Kathy is back
at work, out with a work release program! Her forced vacation has NOT
taken any of the sassiness out of her, and in her own words, she is as
'pretty as ever'! Hopefully she will take the work release conditions
seriously and not have it revoked. She has arranged for cabs to pick her
up and take her back and forth at the necessary times. Roxanne and
Tiffany (two other waitresses I have mentioned in the past) will ensure
that she has clothes for work and cigarettes for her breaks! Yes, it's a
group effort - just one big happy family - a highly dysfunctional family,
but a family nonetheless!


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