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Monday, September 11, 2006

birthday party

Oh well, the Dallas Cowboys lost their first game of the season by a
touchdown. But the season just started, can't panic yet. On the local
front, our university team won by a point in OT, only because the
other team blew an extra point. Ugly win, but a win nonetheless. Still
have the feeling it will be a long season, so my hopes are resting on
the Cowboys! Go Dallas! Next week they play their archrival, the
Washington Deadskins...I mean Redskins. eewww. Our long time
cook Herman is a diehard deadskin fan, so we will be picking on
each other next weekend. Then I also need to contend with Peter,
Lisa's husband. They walked into the restaurant last night just
before midnight, and he gloated a bit about the Dallas loss. ggrrr,
that's ok, next week will be different (I hope!). But Lisa and Peter
basically ended my day on a fun note, never know what topics of
conversation will come up with them, well, mostly her, he doesn't
seem to talk much usually, just smiles, nods, winks, or shakes his
head! I was telling them about the birthday party I went to, this
friend of mine, who I actually met through my concerned observer,
Mrs. Reagan. I will call this lady Nancy here. She is a nutritionist
at the local health department and a good friend, offering not only
dietary advise but also general advise and info too, just a very nice
lady. Well, she had a big birthday bash yesterday, and there were
some...well, how should I put this....'interesting' folks there. See, in
the 70's, Nancy was what you would call a very liberal person, and is
still quite progressive. Well, many of her friends who seem to be
quite similar were there, and it seems they may be actually even more
progressive. I was walking around with my way too delicious sangria
(made by Nancy's son, need that recipe, it was great!), overhearing
conversations about yoga, karma, vibes, and energy, positive and
negative energy, and what our fair city has or doesn't have (energy-
wise). Well, I simply toddled on with my sangria and went to find my
husband (who seemed to have taken refuge way to close the brownie
and cookie platter!) The party was very nice other than the energy
discussions, a wonderful spread indeed, finger foods, dips, fruits and
veggies (Nancy is, as I am sure most of her yoga pals are, a vegetarian.)
There were homemade sweets and an excellent birthday cake, lots of
wine, beer, and did I mention sangria? There were about 60 or so people
with more coming as my husband and I left (I had to go to work, and
yes, with a slight sangria buzz that wore off quickly!), so it was nice to see
that Nancy had so many people to celebrate with her. It was great to see
her so happy and to also meet some of her family, as they all live in
different states. Now if any of y'all remember, in the past, right after I
started this blog, I mentioned that Lisa had claimed that she is psychic
(while Peter said that actually she was psycho and he was bats, an
allegation she simply ignored I may add!). So I decided to ask Lisa
about this energy stuff I was hearing at the party, and she proceeded to
tell me that our city was full of it! (I assume energy???) NOW, I am not
about to touch that one with a 10 foot pole, and I suggest no one else
does either!


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