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Thursday, September 14, 2006

get real

checking out the headlines at, one of my favorite websites, but
at times also the most depressing. Another school shooting, at a college
in Canada. Just don't get it, why? Can't fathom a reason for it. And then
the never-ending Iraq/Afghanistan situations, and the political games
surrounding all that. Depressing. Ann Richards, former Texas governor
died, sad to say. She definately told it like it was. And shock of shocks,
Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from Bobby Brown! I have just
one word for that headline - FINALLY! He was abusive, and if you all
noticed, her career went in a complete tailspin after she married him, plus
you heard about her drug use. Never heard about it before, in my opinion,
she probably was clean before she met that slime. Overdue, but better late
than never. Love Whitney's voice. Oh, and we now have a new bionic
woman! Apparently some woman got a very high tech prosthetic arm
after a devastating motercycle accident. They showed her with her new
arm, demonstrating all she can do with. But for me the Bionic Woman
will always be Lindsay Wagner, with her super ear and power and speed.
The 6 Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman were just so 70's, but I
guess for elementary school kids at the time, way cool! There was even
Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, with her magic bracelets deflecting
bullets as she lassoed the bad guys! Great stuff - corny, but great the
same! Then after I read CNN, I hit the Sports Illustrated website for the
headlines there, and what do I see today, a NFL player arrested for
DUI, a college quarterback arrested for assault and suspended. OK,
so no good news sportswise either, my last resort for a happy face, my
blonde joke outlet! Blonde joke of the day - What is the difference
between a smart blonde and Bigfoot? Bigboot has been sighted!


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