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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

get a grip

that, and get real...that is what I have to say to and about Terrell Owens.
I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan, but I knew...just knew...when they
signed that guy in the off season that it was a BIG mistake. He trampled
the star in Texas Stadium, danced with a cheerleader and pulled out a
Sharpie in other stadiums. His brain, soul, and ego are not on the samepage or level of other NFL players, many who are class acts. People and
the press need to STOP catering to this fruitcake, STOP reporting on
his every move and thought, he is NOT worth it, no matter how talented.
These latest headlines are nothing but another publicity stunt, a ploy to
find himself in the headlines AGAIN. Just sick of it...Dallas, please get
rid of this headache, this never would have happened in the days of
Tom Landry or even Jimmy Johnson. Get Owens out of Big D, he is
making a mockery out of what was once the class organization of the
NFL. Any other person pulling the crap he has pulled, with all the
teams he has been associated with, not just Dallas, would have been
unemployed a long time ago, maybe even hospitalized in a mental
institution. TO - simply a loser, nothing more, nothing less.


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