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Saturday, September 23, 2006


This is one of those times I wish I could figure out how to see who does
the anonymous posts to my blog. Yes, most of the time I recognize by
what they write who they are, but not yesterday. Whoever did comment
on my post yesterday - Sir or Madame - you bring up a very valid point.
The Religious Right, or as you put it, the "Religio-conservatives" do
indeed want to impose their point of view on the rest of us while taking
away our freedom to pursue individual goals. I agree whole-heartedly.
My main topic yesterday, stem cell research, is a goal that would benefit
not just one individual, but thousands, if not millions, of individuals.
The fundementalists on the extreme right, like all fundementalists of all
religions, have twisted their skewed view of their religion to suit their
agenda. It is unfortunate that they have been able to manipulate the
lemmings of the general population to follow them. I hope, Mr. or Ms.
Anonymous, that you'll post a comment again; if you choose not to,
thanks for reading and providing a spark of controversy, even if just
for one day! Now, to switch gears, from the intellectual to the NOT so
intellectual. I get to the restaurant yesterday, and the day time guy
in charge proceeded to fill me on what went on, and yes my friends,
we have more drama (like we needed anymore!)! Well, one of the
dayshift girls I have mentioned here, Tiffany (for new and/or
forgetful readers, she is the former exotic dancer about to take a
phlebotomy course) came to work in shambles, mad, crying, and
screaming. Apparently her boyfriend is having an affair, and she
found out about it from - get this - the other woman, via cell phone
text message of all things! Yes, the other woman was text messaging
Tiffany, calling her ugly (she is not by the way, actually quite attractive
for a blonde), can't keep a man 'cause she just stole him, and on and
on. (calling Jerry Springer!) Well, needless to say, a replacement was
found to fill Tiffany's shift and she was sent home, as she was in no
condition to work. We're just hoping that we don't have another waitress
end up in the local room and board with 3 squares, as Tiffany was
threatening to take matters in her own hands - something about busting
heads and/or windows, slashing tires and possibly certain body parts!
Well you get the picture, not a pretty one at all. The crazy thing is that for
the last several months, Tiffany was getting more and more disenchanted
with her boyfriend and was, on several occasions, on the verge of
dumping him. Logically, this situation provides her with the excuse to
kick him to the curb. But, as demonstrated by just some of the antics I
have written about in this blog, and a whole boatload I have not even
touched upon yet, we don't deal with a whole lot of logic at the restaurant,
so who knows what will happen! She was already scheduled off today, so
I guess we will find out tomorrow what has developed, and yes, I will
keep y'all posted, like it or not!


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