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Monday, September 25, 2006

wake up phone call

uugggghhhh, still groggy from waking up with the phone (absolutely
HATE waking up that way), asking me to fill in tonight for Tina, who
seems to have hurt her foot and is limping badly. Being the kind, big-
hearted person I am ;) , I naturally said yes, so will have my version of
the weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday. Only bad thing is that
usually Mondays are not the busiest of days, so I will probably get
bored, hope I have some visitors to pass the time. Well, I will report that
Tiffany is not in jail, so she apparently did not take matters into her own
hands the other day with the boyfriend situation. I won't see her 'til
Thursday to get the real scoop. But in the meantime we are having
issues with another one of the dayshift waitresses, I will call her Doris
here. She used to work nightshift, then several months back asked to
move to dayshift when Faith got pregnant and left the restaurant. I
had kind of thought it was a bad idea, as Doris is not exactly Speedy
Gonzalez; she struggled when we were busy at night, and dayshift,
especially weekends, is a MUCH faster pace. But she was moved to
dayshift, with less than brilliant results. The other girls working with
her always have to pick up her slack, and instead of being appreciative
of that she simply gets dark and moody. Yesterday afternoon, one of
the night shift girls was running late, and I asked her to stay an extra
hour to help the other night shift girl already there (Roxanne, the
other dayshift waitress still there yesterday, had to pick up her 6 year
old, Doris' children are grown and out of state). We weren't busy,
but sometimes on Sundays I have the senior citizen crowd come in,
and they eat early, so you get a decent rush. She not only refused to
stay, but proceeded to use foul language in explaining WHY she was
NOT staying. Some serious attitude adjustment needs to be made on
Doris' part, and fast, if she wants to keep her job. Waitressing is hard
work, yes, but these girls on the weekends make about $150 - $200 a
shift, if not more sometimes, such as this past weekend. What makes
me mad is that first, Doris only works 4 days, and a girl who had to
work 6 days last week (due to the Tiffany situation) was willing to come
in to help if the other night shift girl had not shown up. Second, as she
used to work nightshift, Doris is very familiar with the sudden blitzes
we would get from the early eater crowd, and on more than one occasion
a girl from dayshift stayed to help her out then. There is no 'I' in the
word 'team', Doris, you are on very thin ice. See folks, this is the ugly
side of the restaurant biz, it isn't just adventures about fun, crazy
customers, trailor park drama, and convicted felon employees after all!


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