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Monday, October 02, 2006


Tattoos. Don't understand why people get them. Call me old-fashioned,
a fuddy duddy, WHATEVER. But when these folks get old, wrinkled,
fatter or skinnier, these so called works of art and expression are going
to look weird. Of course, it just may be my aversion to pain and needles
talking here, as I am against piercings too, even pierced ears! (I think
my friend Mrs. Thompson and I are the last women on earth, or at
least in Virginia, who don't have pierced ears and must wear clip - on
earrings!). Last night Shaniqua, the night shift waitress I have men-
tioned several times (the one who calls octogenarians "baby"!) was
showing me her new tattoo, the name of her fiance on her left inner
forearm; just to make matters clear, her fiance, one of the night shift
cooks who I will call Melvin here, has her name tattooed on his left
inner forearm as well. They actually met in the restaurant in July,
soon after they had both started working there, and got engaged last
month. Now I don't want to be a naysayer or think negatively, but it
just seems kind of soon and fast for me - 3 months and you get a ring
and matching tattoos! What I didn't want to mention to Shaniqua is
that our ex-waitress, now night shift hostess, Tina (boob job girl)
used to have the name of one of her husbands or boyfriends tattooed
on her back; 6 months later they were history and she had to spent
double the money to have some design tattooed in to hide the name.
Keisha also has a tattoo she needs to get rid of or design over, the
name of another ex. In this case, you have to give credit to Kathy, the
one who enjoys, as she put it so well the other day, "3 hots and a cot!"
Kathy has a tattoo of the name of an ex-boyfriend, but she had it done
in Chinese characters, so you have no clue (unless you are Chinese)
what it says. That eliminates the need of having a do over! Anyway,
you want to paint a rosy picture, but in reality, the way relationships,
committment, and responsibility seem to be digressing with each
generation, a tattoo isn't exactly money well spent. But hey, Melvin
and Shaniqua are in love now, and all is well with the world!


Blogger freedominalaska said...

dude, i LOVE my tattoos. So what if I'm old and saggy. Haha.

12:44 AM, October 04, 2006  

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