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Thursday, October 05, 2006

phone connection

Was able to do a nice thing today, at least I think (hope) it was. Lola called
me from Alaska, and my concerned observer, and our good friend, Mrs.
Reagan was there at the restaurant when she called, so I gave her the line.
I know Lola enjoyed the call, and I have a feeling Mrs. Reagan did too.
She seemed a bit depressed today, or maybe she just didn't feel well, as
she had to do a CT scan. They are no big deal, yet they are done to check
for negative things. Of course, they can also give you great news, that
nothing negative is showing up, which of course I hope is the case for
Mrs. Reagan. She will see her doc and get the results tomorrow, so am
hoping for the best. Anyway, I figured a conversation with Lola would
get her mind off everything. And Lola had written about Mrs. Reagan in
her blog, expressing how she missed her, so I know speaking to her was
a good thing. And it didn't end there. The dapper gentleman of the
restaurant, our good Brit Phillip, was also there at the time of the call,
so Lola got to speak to him too. ( I told her that he was wearing his ascot,
a green one to be exact, so she could mentally picture him with it and his
handlebar mustache!) I am willing to bet money there is no one like
Phillip in Alaska! Heck, he may even be unique to Virginia!
Completely changing streams watching, as I am typing, one
of my fave shows, 'Law & Order' SVU. I just love the character of Olivia
on that show, played by Mariska Hargitay, shown below in and out of
her Olivia character. Nice actress, very intense, pretty eyes and smile.
At first I got hooked to the original 'Law & Order', then to SVU when
that came along, Have not been able to get into the 'Law & Order CI',
just don't like the actors there. hhhmmm, just had an idea, if I am
putting pics of good and attractive actors on here, may as well put an
image of one of the best looking ones ever (and a decent actor to boot!),
Cary Grant! Love all of his movies, especially 'Arsenic and Old Lace'
(just an absolute hoot!) and the ultimate chick flick, 'An Affair to
Remember' with Deborah Kerr - have seen it a 1/2 dozen times, still
tear up at the end. I think if I had been a teenage girl in the 50's I
would have had a dozen posters of him in my room - va va va voom,
don't get jealous now hubby! ;)


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