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Friday, October 06, 2006

who knows

just got off the phone with my friend Mrs. Thompson. She and her husband,
like me and mine, are still in distress with the move of our family doctor.
We are both trying to glean information and suggestions through friends,
family, and acquaintances in the medical profession - in order to try to find
a new doctor. I have actually thought about calling the dermotologist that
I have seen occasionally in the past. He is an older gentleman, one that I
have alot of respect for. It was he who, over 15 years ago, recommended
the doctor who is now moving. This dermotologist is quite unorthodox,
on the verge of bizarre. Once I came in with a sun poisoning issue (I have
very dark hair yet very fair skin). He took one look at me and spelled out
the word D-U-M-B, saying that with my complexion I should've known
better. My husband one time had some type of infected swelling on his
arm from a bite or cut I think; the good doctor looked at it and proceeded
to announce that the arm will have to come off! With another patient, who
had gone in with some skin and nail problems on his feet, I heard that
this doctor actually took off his own shoe and sock and showed him
correct foot care procedures, even how to cut toenails! Yes, a bit madcap,
yet in all these years, he has never been wrong; you never had to go
back for a followup or repeat visit because he got it right the first time,
and every suggestion or recommendation he ever made was always on
the money. So I am tempted to give him a ring, see what he has to say,
if there is someone he can steer us towards. We'll see. As far as the
restaurant goes, back to night shift for the weekend, should be fairly
quiet these next few days. But next week, with a huge concert in town
and a college football game on tap, crazy busy will be the result. So
going to enjoy this lull and see what kind of drama is going on in the
lives of the staff and maybe even some of the customers. Haven't had
any classic Jerry Springer moments or court/jail/police situations in
a while, just have to rely on Kathy and her big house stories, and
Roxanne and Tiffany with their on and off relationships - wonder
what today is - on or off???


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