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Sunday, October 08, 2006

beware the high school students

Weird night at the restaurant yesterday. Were somewhat busy, then not at
all busy, then crushingly busy. What made it worse is that we were just
innundated with high school students following a homecoming event; they
were obnoxious, loud, boorish (and the blondes superficial AND artificial!).
I think what made it worse was that a group of parents came in too, and
they were even worse than their kids (note to such parents - um, you're
NOT in high school anymore!). Did have some good moments though.
The Thompsons came in for dinner, got to sit with them a bit. During the
time they were there, I got a phone call from Warren, out ex night shift
manager - live from Dallas, Texas! It was great to hear from him; he's
trying to settle in, but sounds rather dismayed at how different people
are from here. Dallas is about 3 million, our fair town somewhere between
40,000 - 50,000. Plus he bemoaned the fact that there are no mountains
there. So naturally I tried to cheer him up by pushing him to go to a
Dallas Cowboys game - I mean, gosh, he is right there! But seriously, I
hope he will be able to adjust soon and get acclimated to a different life.
Speaking of different life, Lola tried to call me last night from Alaska,
but I could not speak with her as she called during my high school
student invasion. She did get a new cat however, something large,
orange, hairy, and somewhat grumpy. Apparently this cat has already
bonded with her greyhound, so that is good news. And last but not
least, very late, like just before closing time, I got a visit from the one
and only Francesca! She hadn't been by in a while, she's really hitting
the books at the local community college seriously, plus has a part-time
job at a clothing store in the mall. She decided to change her major
(NOT a surprise) from some kind of business to something in forensics.
Yes, big about face, but I think a good one, as Francesca doesn't quite fit
the business student mold. The only bad thing is that with this change in
majors, she will probably have to transfer to a university out of town,
rather than to our local one. Time will tell. I did get to see her sister
Lilly the night before; she came in with Steve and Valerie, freshly
returned from the book tour. So lots of nice visits this weekend so far,
other than the bratty high school kids from Hades!


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