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Friday, October 13, 2006

change of plans...maybe

ok, so Shaniqua may be back...she came back very contrite to apologize
for the other day. She had perfect timing, as she did this shortly after
Maria called out sick YET AGAIN...every week it is something with
her...I would feel bad for saying this if she really was, but she isn't. And
naturally, she called out on a busy night - yes, we got EXTREMELY busy
before and after the concert...madhouse. So Shaniqua got a couple of
Maria's shifts. Now all will pend on Shaniqua's behavior and Maria's
lenghth of "illness". And we have another hypochondriac at the
restaurant it seems. Our waitress turned hostess with the mostess Tina
has complained of close to 1/2 a dozen ailments in the last week. Not
sure what to make of all of them. Gee, is it a restaurant or General
Hospital? I am sure we qualify as a soap opera!


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