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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


You sure know when the holiday season begins to be near - your
mailbox becomes flooded with catalogues; box stuffed to the gills
with more and more of them as the fall wears on (well, that and
all the credit card offers, which are year round). Just today alone
I got 7 catalogues, and I know that will not be anywhere near the
busiest day for them. What is just amazing is that out of, say, 20
catalogues I receive, I have actually ordered something out of
maybe 2 of them. But those 2 are enough obviously to be included
on mailing lists of other companies who offer similar products.
For example, I ordered something from Eddie Bauer and thus got
a J. Crew catalogue too. Or I'll order something from Harry &
David, then get innundated with other food speciality catalogues.
Oh well, more donations to the recycle bin!


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