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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

bits and pieces

not a heck of a lot going on today, but it is Wednesday, not usually an
active day. Worked with Tiffany, she and her boyfriend are officially
over and out - about time, hope she sticks to her guns, as she can do
better. My concerned observer Mrs. Reagan came in, as did my pal
Michelle, who mentioned to me that she reads this blog everyday
religiously. THANK YOU Michelle!!! That was nice to hear. Hope
that this will be the time she finally gets over Sean and moves on.
Also had a visit from that venerable couple Lisa and Peter. I forgot
to mention something about them from last week. Not sure how we
got on the conversation (they tend to be quite varied), but at one
point someone mentioned that supermarket rag 'The National
Enquirer'. Well, Lisa immediately extolled the virtues of it, saying
that is was indeed accurate, and oftentimes reported 'news' a week or
2 before anyone else! Peter and I both retorted with the fact that the
'Enquirer' also gets sued almost daily, but that didn't seem to deter
Lisa. I can't say I am really surprised; what did rather shock me is that
when I mentioned the stories they sometimes run about UFOs, she
gave me this look (the one that said 'I believe them') , and proceeded
to promise to tell me some unbelievable stories about the U.S.
government and experiments they conduct. Didn't have a chance to
hear such stories today, but will try to get them out of her over the
weekend if we aren't too busy at the restaurant. You know, I can't
say I am really surprised, but a part of me is. I can understand some
yahoo from hickville believing what the 'Enquirer' writes, but Lisa is
an educated, intelligent woman. But she does indeed have a very
inquiring mind, and it extends beyond the norm, but also into the
supernatural. My friend Sandra (who has completely disappeared
AGAIN) also has some occasional ventures into something beyond
the everyday realm; I simply have my doubts about something I
can't see or understand for myself. Guess that is why something on
the abstract side of life never appealed to me.....especially math. ICK,
just couldn't stand the stuff in school. For me, if you can add, subtract,
multiply, and divide, you are good to go. Give me a break with all
these other theorems or equations that don't mean squat in everyday
life and serve no purpose in daily activities. Not trying to compare
math to the supernatural or sci-fi, but all 3 reside in the field of bored
indifference for me.....guess that theory of the left brain/right brain,
and which side is dominant in a person, is true after all!


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