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Sunday, October 15, 2006

more football

Sad stuff. The local university's football team had a 20-0 halftime lead
yesterday, and lost 28-26. Meltdown, breakdown, and silly mistakes, and
not just from the players, but the coaches too. 4th down and 4, in easy
field goal range, down 8 points with 5 minutes to go. Should be going
for the field goal, bring them to within 5 points, make a defensive stop
and get the ball back. Logical.....BUT NO, coach decided to go for it,
didn't get the 1st, lost possession. Then they did make a defensive stop,
got the ball, scored a TD, but failed on the 2 point conversion, and the
result was a two point loss rather than potentially a 2 point win. Go for
the field goal, have some confidence....SHOW some confidence in your
defense, that they can get the ball back for you. Well, have to rely on the
Dallas Cowboys to come through today, and so far, as I am typing here,
they are winning in the 3rd quarter, hope that keeps up. So to get to the
restaurant - got a phone call from Lola in Alaska, and actually had time
to talk to her. I got to hear her adventure about trying to take a picture
of a baby moose, and the mother moose who wasn't impressed and
proceeded to chase her (and her greyhound) away! Sounds like moose,
and maybe bears too, are as prevalent there as squirrels, possums, and
raccoons here. Only difference is that most of the Virginia wildlife I
mentioned end up as roadkill, while the Alaska wildlife can turn the
tables and maybe kill you! Anyhow, also got a visit from my little
buddy Francesca, after yet another party. She was actually sober and
early (for her anyway) this time, as she told me she got bored at this
party, so she just hit the keg a couple of times and split. She was broke
again, and I could tell she was hungry (as she eyed a plate a pancakes
that went by her!), so I fed her pancakes and heard the latest. She is
single, not seeing anyone at this time....she claimed she has no time
for a boyfriend, with school and her part-time job. No sooner was that
statement out of her mouth, she went on to mention a very shy guy in
her biology class that she might make a move on since he is really
really really cute! Ah, Francesca! Of course, once the cooks got wind
that she was in the restaurant, they managed to find reasons to be
out front - bathrooms breaks, getting something to drink, buying
something from the gum machine, grabbing a was so
obvious and porcine! (as I have explained in the past, Francesca is
very pretty) I mentioned to her how her sister Lilly had been in the
night before, and she then lamented the fact how she doesn't get to
see her as much as she would like, how their schedules conflict. I had
gathered that was the case as Lilly, when she leaves the restaurant,
almost always tells me to say HI to Francesca, stating that I will
probably see her before she does! oh, good news, Dallas has extended
their lead as the game enters the 4th quarter, so I can go and get
ready for work happy!


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