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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rednecks on the run

Just a few notes just to pass along. There had been some fugitive on
the run here locally; the other day he got tracked down and then was
shot by the police after he failed to surrender. Naturally there is a
debate now as to if shooting him was necessary, what else could have
been done, etc. etc. But I am bringing this up mainly for what reason?
Well, naturally this convict on the run is a friend of one of the dayshift
waitresses - Tiffany! She seems to know an inordinate number of
rednecks, convicts, (ok, so they are interchangeable!), and wannabe
criminals. So she was kind of upset by the turn of events that this case
took. It will be quite interesting to hear her take on things next time I
see her. Changing streams completely, had a nice visit from my buddy
Mike last night; he had gone to visit his parents in southern Virginia and
dropped by on the way back to D.C. where he resides. Was great to see
him and his significant other; bad news is that the S.O., a medic in the
army, is being sent to Iraq in November for a year. Mike is making jokes
about the insurance policies and such, but I think deep down he is
worried, I know I would be, and actually am, as I have grown fond of
his S.O.. Daggone Iraq and this so called war or whatever it is....Vietnam
in the desert rather than the jungle. On a much lighter note, on the
verge of surreal actually, this Madonna adoption brouhaha.....what on
earth is going on here? Angelina Jolie can adopt 3rd world babies, but
Madonna can't? I know this is all a publicity ploy on Madonna's part,
she is an expert in getting media attention, either with her music videos,
past relationships, movies, religious conversions....the list goes on and this is just another in the series. But I still don't get all this
debate and animosity, I almost feel sorry for the Material Girl...almost I
said. Let me go listen to a song which led to one of her past controversies,
'Like a Prayer' (remember burning crosses and a Jesus of color?!?) Pepsi
dropped her from their ad campaign quicker than a dog grabs a bone!


Blogger freedominalaska said...

I was going to blog about this, but since you posted a bit about it, I thought I'd rather just make a comment on yours. I mean, if I were going to have my child adopted by someone, what better person than some crazy broad like Madonna? Especially if I were a third world dumbo like that dude in Africa. I would know my child were being reared with everything that money could provide, without a care in the world--if he were living with Madonna. But, if he stayed in my place, I'd know he would die by age 20 of either the plague or AIDS. C'mon, you stupid Bantu Hoodoo man. Let your child go live in England with Madonna and her crazy movie-maker husband.

9:26 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

right on sister! I mean, Madonna's
millions versus 'life' in Africa,
gee, tough choice

11:09 AM, October 23, 2006  

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