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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Antique Cars

My husband and I went
to an antique car show
today, something small
held at a local nursing
home here. My guess for holding it there
was that the residents there remembered these cars from their
younger days....'oh look at that 1934 Ford, my father had a car
like that', or 'wow, a 1950 Desoto, I had a one when I was in
college!' Anyway, above you see a couple of images above, not
from the show, just a couple of nice photos I found online, I think
the one of the left is an old Ford, and the white one on the right
looks like a Studebaker (not sure exactly, I just liked the cars and
the pictures....feel free to correct me if need be). I guess I have
always liked to go to old car shows, just another extension of my
passion for history I guess. Also fascinating to see how the
automobile has evolved over the decades. The engines, interior,
seating, tires, dashboard, even the steering wheels have changed
tremendously; some old station wagons were even partially made
from wood! And all the fins, chrome, whitewalls - classic stuff! I
learned to drive on a 1964 Thunderbird, a big heavy tank of a car,
comfy, powerful, and gorgeous. Below is the same model and age as
that old T-Bird, but a different color.....just a special car. A whole lot
different from my little red Protege 5!


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