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Friday, October 20, 2006


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"Hypochondria is a very real preoccupation with the fear
of developing or having a serious illness. Hypochondriacs
interpret physical sensations as serious illness.
Hypochondriacs continue to believe they are sick even after
a doctor has found nothing wrong. Hypochondria is often
associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.
Hypochondria can also be brought on by stress. There has
been some evidence that anti-depressants can alleviate
severe Hypochondria."

quoted from

"Hypochondria is a mental disorder in which a healthy person
believes that he or she is gravely ill. A person with this
disorder will obsess over every little ache and pain in the body
and will think that it indicates something very serious. Often,
illnesses with no cure or very low rate of cure are the most

Of course, hypochondriacs do get sick like everyone else, but a
past history of hypochondria may make it difficult for doctors
and loved ones to tell whether the person's ailment is real or

Why I am quoting and writing about hypochondriacs? Because sometimes,
at the restaurant, I feel as if I am surrounded by them. Two folks in particular
seem to have some kind of ailment every single week without fail, to the
point where it is monotonous (you have heard of the boy crying wolf? That
is how I feel right now about these girls.) First case is a night shift waitress I
have mentioned once before, Melinda (the uber-lazy one). Last night it was
her tooth AGAIN, had that a couple of weeks ago. Usually it is female stuff or
headaches or a stomach ailment or a leg/ankle problem....the list goes on.
Next we have Tina, the waitress turned night shift hostess (boob job girl!).
Her cases usually are female probs, migraines, stomach ailments, intestinal
issues, back problems, and even a foot issue one week. From the time she
has come back to the restaurant not a single week has gone by without
something going wrong for her, or for Melinda for that matter. Yes, I have
other pseudo hypochondriacs too - pot stirrer Maria has various cold/flu,
headache or stomach ailments, as does day shift girl Roxanne, but we
have pretty much figured out that these "illnesses" arise when they have
a hot date, as they do not make the pre-requisite beeline to the emergency
room as Melinda and Tina do. You also don't hear Roxanne or Maria
discussing the myriad of medications they are on as Tina and Melinda
do - all kinds of pain meds, some of the narcotic variety. I smell not only
hypochondria, but prescription med dependency here, as they must
medicate themselves to get through the day. Perhaps they use imagined
physical ailments as a means to an end, the end being drugs. It is rather
sad, as both of these girls are several years younger than me - what will
they be like in 5-10 years? Call medicaid, medicare, someone....anyone!

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