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Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, I could get into the Madonna adoption thing again, but I
will magnanimously avoid that, as I realize not all folks are fans
of hers. Gee, why are my fave singers so dysfunctional - Madonna,
Whitney Houston, heck, even Celene Dion (I mean, she did marry
someone old enough to be her father, and she speaks FRENCH,
which in itself is a character flaw!)! To get back on track, was just
checking out the headlines at, and my other fave website, (for my sports fix). Don't care for baseball,
but I see a controversy developing about a 'foreign substance' on
some pitcher's hand. Kind of reminds me of the pinetar incident in
the 80's with George Brett of the KC Royals, or even the more recent
corked bats. I guess cheaters abound in all sports, all in the effort
to gain an edge over an opponent. Steroids are the worst example
of course, and they are found everywhere, baseball most notably
(thank you Barry Bonds), football, even cycling - look at how many
bike racers get tossed out of tours every year. I remember in my
sports playing years my biggest problem was trying to find a sports
bra that actually fit me and was semi-comfortable! Anyhow, CNN's
news are even more disheartening....more human remains have
been found at the World Trade Center site. This will just further
torture family members of those lost there, raising hopes that they
will finally have something to bury, dashing again many of those
hopes after DNA is done. And to top it all off, October '06 is the
deadliest month so far for U.S. troops in Iraq, and we still have a
week to go....hhhmmm, who should we 'thank' for that?!?!?

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