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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Cat lovers, don't get excited, I am about to offend each and every one of
you. I cannot stand the darn things, never have since one scratched me
when I was little when I just wanted to play. (the next door neighbor's
dog played with me all the time, never bit or scratched, but the cat....
nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo) I got home today from the restaurant, was
about to pull into my driveway to go into my garage, and there, right in
the middle blocking the entrance, was one of the neighborhood cats. It
was hunched over a very dead squirrel, and it was obvious that he had
killed it moments before I got there (you will see why I made this
deduction in a moment). The cat was pawing at the squirrel, flipping the
body around, and then taking nibbles here and was simply
horrendous to watch, just horrible. I parked across the street, went into
the house, got gloves and a plastic bag, came back out, ran off the killer
cat, picked up the poor little squirrel, and put it in the bag. I was able to
feel at that point that it's body was still warm and no where near rigor,
hence the 'not dead long' deduction. I took the squirrel to a local park
nearby and disposed of it. I am still grossed out over this whole episode;
yes, I have a weak stomach when it comes to such things, not Ms. Bravery
here, but daggone, that cat really upset me. I can hear it now, it is all
part of nature, cats are predators. But dogs are not; they are just goofy,
silly, fun loving creatures who want to play with and please their human
companions, want to be near them, want to be part of the family. Cats
come around only if they want something, the rest of the time they are
doing their own thing, like killing dumb little squirrels. Ick...awful!


Blogger freedominalaska said...

well, i had a cat--when i came to college it went to live with my grandparents. a dog moved into the neighborhood and then ate said kitty. telling me dogs don't kill things? you're a freak! ;)

1:26 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Justin said...

Nope, I don't agree with cats are as sweet and lovely as my dogs..and they are very social also...if you want to learn more about them you should read this post on my feline family...I hope all your myths about unruly cats will vanish..

All the best.

6:02 AM, November 13, 2006  

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