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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well, 1 down, not sure how many to go. At the restaurant we are
FINALLY rid of miss bad attitude, sour puss Maria. One of the
new wait staff hires worked out quite well, so the move was made.
The straw that broke the camel's back was last weekend, when a
party of 4 ladies walked out due to Maria's total lack of service and
attention. She also refused to wait on a couple of other tables, just
unacceptable. And when told of this development, Maria actually
tried to defend WHY she refused to wait on certain tables, just
unreal. Plus the fact that she was not a team player, refusing to
help out fellow wait staff members, always wanting to go home
early, and calling out "sick" every time she had a hot date. To top
it all off, she even "parked" in back of the restaurant on one of her
days off with her latest boyfriend! I mean, simply idiotic - did she
really believe no one would notice her car and fogged up windows
for 3 hours? Like there are no other parking lots in our fair city....
just dumb! But Maria is now gone, and absolutely no one misses
her - good riddance! Meanwhile Shaniqua has had some health
issues, one of them being kidney stones! I always thought that was
an issue for older folks, not someone her age (not sure how old she
is, but late 20's, early 30's). But after missing one night, she was
back last night (I was able to send her home early to rest), and was
able to wait on the one and only Whistler and his wife. I have to
report unfortunately that Marion's Alzheimers has gotten worse, she
even thought that Shaniqua was her daughter! (um, Marion and Tom
are white, Shaniqua is ghetto fabulous!) The sad thing is that it seems,
in the last month, that Tom is beginning to slip himself. Both of their
appetites are less, and he, every once in a while, forgets things himself,
little things, but I just hope that isn't the start of his wife's awful
disease. They are both in the 80's, and they do get around well, but you
just have to wonder sometimes. I love the interaction I have with the
regular customers, but am distressed by all their various health issues;
I shouldn't get so attached, but I do, can't help it. I play the tough.
mean cold witch with a 'B' on the outside, but I guess inside I am a
bit...just a bit mind you....of a softy....but don't let that get
around now, I have a reputation to maintain!!


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