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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Artistry and Talent

Busy day at the restaurant. Also a couple of fun moments, such as when
a group of regular customers sang to Roxanne for her birthday! Also got
to see the ever suave Philip and his handlebar mustache, but no ascot
(too chilly for that, so a turtleneck today). Mrs. Reagan also came in for
a spell, as did Lisa and Peter after working out at the gym. Also got the
usual Thursday visit for breakfast from 2 interesting ladies, I'll name
them Ilene and Mavis here. They are very nice, I would guess early to
mid 50's in age. They meet almost without fail every Thursday, unless
one is out of town or has some kind of meeting. They are cute, because
they each arrive in their respective Volvos right around 8:3o; oftentimes
11-11:30 rolls around and they are still sitting there, busily chatting,
solving all the problems of their family, friends, and the world! I have
issued a challenge to them, to stay right on through for lunch as well;
they are mulling it over and haven't ruled it out! They are both artists
of some sort....Ilene is a weaver - she makes handmade scarves, wall
hangings, and other interesting and beautiful items. Mavis, if I am
correct, makes handmade jewelry, mostly with semi-precious stones
and silver. Oftentimes they bring samples of their work to show to
each other and to get a thumbs up or down. They also occasionally
have showings in galleries or local art shows; I was lucky enough to
go one of Ilene's last year and she gave me a great price on a simply
gorgeous scarf (I love scarves and wear them always in wintertime).
The colors are magnificent, and I had many compliments when I wore
it. Can't say that I have any jewelry by Mavis, as I don't care for silver.
But they are both very talented. Mavis is also very lucky, as she
has an old college roommate who is beyond wealthy; this rich pal and
her husband are always inviting Mavis and her husband on trips and
cruises and such - Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, and more - picking
up most of the expenses to boot. Their don't like to travel alone and
so they issue invitations to lucky friends such as Mavis! Ilene and her
husband don't have it quite as good, but they do have relatives in
Switzerland, so they visit fairly often and get a few perks along the
way. But I have decided that I need a friend like the one Mavis has!
No cruises, as I get a bit seasick, but anywhere I can fly is good to go!
I prefer Europe, but am open to invitations to practically any
destination! Just not a place that requires some kind of inoculations
or other kinds of medical precautionary shots please! (as you could
gather from my 'cat killing squirrel' story yesterday, I am squeamish,
and don't do well with needles either!)


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