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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sad and crazy

As always, perusing the news headlines. Today I came across 2 stories
that just made me shake my head, one out of pity, the other out of
bewilderment. The sad case is about the 21 year old Brazilian model
who died of anorexia. She weighed only 88 pounds when she died....88....
and she was 5 foot 8 inches tall. I am 5 foot 8, and the last time I
weighed 88 pounds I was still in elementary school. Her body mass
index, a calculation that doctors usually apply to study obesity, was 13.4
at the time of her death; medical studies have declared the figure of 18.5
as underweight. Poor girl, I just don't get it. Then I went on to read about
the frenzy over the newly released Sony Playstation 3. Apparently people
were camped out for days in front of the big box stores that were going to
sell them today. When stores did open, folks stampeded to the shelves; in
California, police closed a Walmart store where people had actually
gotten injured. Even worse, in Connecticut, thugs tried to rob people
standing in line, shooting one person. This, folks, is just madness. What
makes it all even more unreal is that probably 1/2 of these people who
braved the cold, wait, lines, stampedes, and bullets will turn right around
and sell their hard won PS3 on Ebay or Craigslist for a $1500 bucks or
more. Demand is high and supply is low, thus thousands of people who
simply can't wait will get ripped off by such opportunists. In my book, it
will serve them right.

Sony PS3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I'd had the money to buy the PS3, I would have. I would have also sold it on ebay. That's just how I am. I hate using people like that, but, I'm currently P.O.O.R. ;)

4:10 PM, November 17, 2006  

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