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Sunday, November 12, 2006

another concert

what the heck, is our fair city actually becoming a happening place?
ok, maybe not happening, but it sure is trying. Last night was yet
another big concert at the new local arena, and of course, as the
restaurant is walking distance from that arena, we got hit with a
big rush before the concert, a huge crush afterwards. And today is
the opening day of the basketball season for the local college team,
so I am sure we will be in for another busy evening. Busy is good,
but not when you are short-handed or have new staff not fully in
sync yet. Tonight one of our newer members of the wait staff will
be on, a gal I'll call Shelley here. She's in her late 20's I would guess,
with 2 kids. She just wants to work part-time at this point. Have no
fear however, there is a story with her too! She is part Native
American; she was telling me once how the government forced her
ancestors to change their names to sound less Indian, Her boyfriend
is a member of one of the local bands (no, not the Goths!), so she
can't work the nights he has gigs. Shelley is also one of the folks close
to nature; she brings these organic lotions and oils to work and is
very restricted as to what she can eat since she is a vegan. The menu
of the restaurant is not very kind to her! What I don't get is that she
is raising her kids as vegans too. I don't have kids and have little
idea about nutrition, vitamins, and such, but I just don't think that
is healthy for a child. I may be totally wrong, but kids need more
nutrients, protein, vitamins etc. in order to grow strong, be healthy,
have a good immune system that will take them into adulthood. I
see all these vegetarians and vegans running around; they are all
thin and many are pale. I know the obesity epidemic in the U.S. is
much more widespread and more of a concern (it has gotten quite
ridiculous actually), but in my book, it is just as bad to be too thin
as it is to be too fat. They are 2 extremes.....the skinny vegans don't
get enough of what the body needs, the obese fast food addicts get
WAY too much. So I am concerned about Shelley running around
in a packed restaurant after barely eating; you need to have your
strength to work at our asylum...I mean...dining establishment!


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