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Monday, November 13, 2006

Dental Science

As someone commented below, the test worked, but I did have to come back
to fix the title, so not exactly the best software around. No problem. So while
cruising around the world wide web today, I came across something, from a
website called New Scientist, that was quite interesting. Apparently there is
a new dental invention involving an infrared light that can pass through a
tooth, allowing a dentist to search for hidden decay. This would make X-Rays
obsolete, or at least unnecessary for such tests. Tooth decay usually goes
undetected until it's too late, as the damage is hidden from sight. Now folks
who know me know that I am pretty low maintenance, no makeup, nails, or
weekly visits to the hair salon. But I am fanatical about my teeth, brushing
2-3 times a day, tooth picking or flossing, even using a fluoride rinse once a
day. And I visit my dentist every year. The result of all this diligence is that
I have only one, and I am still puzzled as to how I got it. I am
not into science, (heck, I majored in history in college) but when I read stuff
about advances in dental technology, I do pay attention. I may not be
glamorous, but I hope to keep my smile looking good for years to come!

Dental Infrared


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