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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Football fun

As you all know, while I am big sports fan in general, football is my
absolute fave athletic event. In fact, when I was younger (pre-teen
and early teen years), I constantly lamented the fact that I had been
born a girl and thus could not play football like the lucky boys could!
Well, I eventually grew out of the genetic/biological disappointment
(and began playing basketball), but my love for the game continued.
Weekends like this one are prime examples of just how fun football is.
In college ball there was an epic showdown between #1 and #2. The
local university team won a game against a school that is usually top 10
material (but having an off year this season); this win in a way salvaged
a so-so season for our local college boys. Some of them come in the
restaurant for breakfast, so it will be nice to congratulate when they
come in. Then we come to the pros. My Dallas Cowboys play at home
against the unbeaten Indy Colts today. I would absolutely LOVE IT if
Dallas could knock them off their pedestal. All this press and prestige
for a team that can't get to the Super Bowl, much less win one. I haven't
cared for the Colts since they left Baltimore (remember the infamous
Mayflower moving trucks in the middle of the night in the 80's?) They
were the Baltimore Colts, the team of Unitas. Indianapolis? Guess I'm
a traditionalist in some ways; in my mind, the Rams still belong in L.A.,
not St. Louis (St. Louis had the Cardinals, not Arizona). It was absurd
when the Raiders left Oakland for a spell. I mean, can you see the
Packers leaving Green Bay for Las Vegas, or the Dolphins cutting out
of Miami and going to the midwest? Look at what happened when the
Browns left Cleveland and resurfaced as the Ravens in Baltimore.
Cleveland begged and pleaded for a team to come back there and be
renamed the Browns again, as it was a name synonymous with the city
and their old coach Paul Brown. I, of course, am speaking of football,
but this holds true in the other pro sports too.....certain cities are tied
to their team and vise versa. But the sad reality is that sports are a
business now, loyalty has gone by the wayside, economics now rule;
the wallet diminishes the passion. Nonetheless, it will be a very good
day today if Dallas can dump Indy - Go Cowboys!


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