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Monday, November 20, 2006

cloud 9

That is exactly where I was last night at the restaurant. Between my
husband calling in and putting the phone to the TV and the cooks
updating me with what they were hearing on the radio, I was able to
keep up with what was going on with the Dallas-Indy game. Of course
I was on pins and needles until the last second; Dallas held them on
4th down in the red zone, then got enough 1st downs to run out the
clock. And then Herman running out of the kitchen...."it's over, 21-14",
just as my husband was calling with the TV volume loud enough for
me to hear the announcers proclaiming that the Colts were no longer
unbeaten, a big win for the Dallas Cowboys!!! Naturally there were a
few dastardly Deadskin fans at the restaurant who were positively
morose at the news, a couple even using 'choice' words for what they
thought of the Cowboys, but they did not ruin my joy and bliss! I am
realistic, I do not see the Cowboys as a Super Bowl team, but I am now
quite hopeful for at least a playoff appearance. And even if they don't
make the playoffs, at least they knocked off Indy and beat the 'skins
once (would have been twice if a certain Dallas field goal kicker hadn't
royally messed up)! Now on to the traditional Thanksgiving day game.
Dallas ALWAYS plays on Turkey day, and usually wins, just hope they
don't have a letdown after the big win yesterday. We'll know in 4 days!


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