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Saturday, December 02, 2006

local scandal

Have been perusing the local news about the latest sting operation
conducted by our police department. Unfortunately, this deals with
various women providing certain 'services' in order to get drugs. A
total of 7 were arrested, with ages ranging from early 30's to mid 50's.
Totally tragic what people will do for their addiction, but heck, being
addicted in the first place is equally tragic. Naturally, some of our
staff at the restaurant recognized some of the faces of these women
in the local rag...I mean newspaper. Herman, our long time night
shift cook, recognized one as a niece of a former flame! Nice to know
(NOT) there is some kind of connection, albeit far and indirect,
between this story and the restaurant! oh, and in a totally unrelated
topic, hubby and I are finally DONE.....DONE I tell you, with raking
and collecting leaves. We did it in 3 operations, back, front, and side
yards; round 3 was done today, and let me tell you, I am just glad we
do not have a yard as big as the Thompsons, and that a couple of our
trees are pines!


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