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Friday, December 01, 2006

catch up time

Whew, a hectic last couple of days, trying to catch up! I see my buddy
Sandra has caught up on her required reading, thanks for reading and
commenting hon! And yet another friend of mine has started a blog,
still waiting for my props from Google for starting this mini-trend
and getting folks to sign up with Blogger! Anyway, speaking of Sandra,
my husband and I were able to spend some time with her and a couple
of her friends the other night at a local dining establishment - a
German restaurant, which will drastically narrow the choices down
for my local readers! I actually know the owner/manager there, he
and his family are actually German, so a degree of authenticity is
definitely there....and the beer choices immense! Of course, when my
hubby and I got there, we found Sandra in the bar....but I won't harp
on that too much, because she claimed that her friends were there
first! It was the first time Sandra had met my husband, and they
seemed to hit it off; it was also the first time I had met her friends,
a couple who moved here a few years ago from Georgia. They were
our age and were with their autistic son. I wasn't quite sure, in the
beginning, how to act exactly with him, as I had never had such close
contact with an autistic person. But it went really well, I just treated
him normal as possible, patting him on his arm, smiling and talking
to him, passing him more bread and butter when he pointed to the
basket! He was a good kid, kind of cute too; just makes you wonder
what if...he hadn't been born that way. What DNA mixups cause
autism, and why? And the parents who raise an autistic child - you
just have to admire their bravery, strength, and fortitude. Of course,
Sandra, the natural flirt, proclaimed that he was her date! Well, we
all had a great time, and I hope we can get together again in the
future. Changing streams - last 2 days I had to open, and about the
only good thing about that is getting to taste fresh biscuits and grits,
and having a cup of coffee with Mrs. Reagan! Otherwise, I had to put
up with the dayshift drama....lately it has circled around Tiffany.
Since dropping her boyfriend, he has been semi-stalking her, mostly
with cell phone and text messages (hi-tech, new age stalking!). Then
she had a bank issue with some missing money; apparently a motel
she crashed at, to sleep off an out of town drunken night, put some
extra charges on her card, so Tiffany spent a week getting her $150
dollars back! At least she was responsible enough to not try to drive
home drunk - hey, trying to put a positive spin on this!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, are you saying the only way I can get a date is if I flirt??? I'll have you know his step Mother gave her blessing for the date 2 day before... Ok, so she really accused me of ulterior motives... he is young you know.? God I love handsome men and I was surrounded!!! Your Teddy Bear, her Sweets and the young gorgeous son!! WEEEEEE what a time to be ME! Oh, and I'm not a flert....

11:19 PM, December 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See your comment was so off the mark I miss spelled flirt... Oh, I did e-mail Mr. Uniform

11:22 PM, December 02, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

my Teddy huggable...anyway,
you are a flirt or flert or flurt,
any way you spell it...keep me
updated with uniform man! ;)

3:47 PM, December 04, 2006  

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