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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To regift, or not to regift?

Well, we are down to a dozen days before Christmas. Not soon enough
to panic yet about what gifts you are going to get for whom, definitely
not time to wonder what kind of gifts you're going to receive. For those
in dire straits, there may be a solution out there for you. I came across
an article the other day about this new website that has grown in
popularity, dedicated to regifting. A Houston based nonprofit named
Money Management International created a site called
(their motto is quite clever - "Really, you shouldn't have") Apparently
this firm conducted a survey last year in which 40% of the people
polled admitted to regifting, some in the effort to save money, others
to save time. I am sure that the majority of folks think that regifting is
nothing short of TACKY. However, I would dare say most people have
done it at least once, yours truly included. Yes, I have been guilty on
about 3-4 occasions. For a couple of them, it was due to an effort to
save time....I had gotten a couple of Christmas gifts from folks I did not
expect to receive something from, and feeling that I needed to recipro-
cate, had to scramble....and found a couple things still in boxes that I
had never opened or used, and really had no intention of ever doing so.
And on another occasion, it was something that I had received that I
intentionally saved for someone else - it was just THAT perfect for this
other person, not me. And lastly, I gave boxes of candy to some office
workers I know; I didn't even rewrap them, just dropped them off,
confessing I had gotten them but had no business eating them - they
seemed to be more than happy to take them off my hands! The website,
(which also stated that wedding presents are often regifted as well)
does recommend, if you are going to partake in this tactic, to rewrap
the gift, naturally changing the gift tag (DUH!), only regift items still
new and in their original packaging (boy, they must think folks are
dumb!), and to remember who the gift originally came from so that you
don't give it back to them accidentally! (OK, I guess they figure they are
dealing with rocket scientists!) I do have 2 gifts from last year
still in original packaging, but I have no intention of parting with them,
not because I will use them one day, but because I don't know anyone I
dislike enough to give these items to!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To regift the scandal I'm sending your way? Let's just say that I would be scandalized if you did regift it. However, my frozen heart would warm tremendously if you feel the need to share it with anybody else!

3:07 AM, December 14, 2006  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

oh don't you worry, I would never
regift's mine, all

5:56 PM, December 14, 2006  

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