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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Things

So nice to be on my version of the
'weekend', days off are a GOOD
! Many thanks to Martha
Stewart for that phrase. I know
alot of people simply don't care for
Ms. Stewart, that she seems aloof,
snobby, and most of all, a big witch
with a capital 'B'! Well, that latter trait I can kind of relate too,
so not a character flaw in my book! I think she is a class act, very savvy,
and a remarkable businesswoman. I actually wasn't a Martha fan until
her legal troubles a couple years back; as you all may remember, she had
that stock market brouhaha pop up, the insider trading scandal. In a
nutshell, she got in trouble, and went to prison, over a sum that was
basically chump change for her, an amount she probably has swimming
in the bottom of her purse. I mean come on, she is worth multi-millions,
so the thought that she was worried about 45 grand is absurd. I don't buy
it. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission simply picked an
unsympathetic public figure to go after, to prove they had some teeth.
And at the same time, others who literally stole millions from their
companies were just as free as birds, practically flaunting their good
fortune. So I was sympathetic to Martha's plight, and last year I actually
bought some of her Christmas ornaments for my tree as well as a
Christmas tree skirt. (ok, YES, I had to go to K-Mart to do this, but I
went ONLY to the Christmas section, was in and out in no time, a very
fast operation....I don't think anyone saw me!) Well, I have linked this
post to Martha Stewart's website, so y'all can go learn how to make
ribbon ornaments, cozy scarf stockings, and Christmas stollen wreath


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