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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Doctor is IN

Due to the schedule being completely crazy this week, I had to work
last night at the restaurant. Will have today and tomorrow as my
'weekend', then the boom will fall...4, yes 4, straight days of opening.
The dastardly A.M. shift, pure Hades for a non-morning person! I
suggest to all my friends to either NOT visit me this week, or do so
with extreme patience and foreboding, as my grouchiness will be
increasing day by day! A colleague is taking some extra time off so
I am filling in, but I can't complain, I will have a few extra days off
within the next 3 weeks as well, so it all comes out in the wash. At
least I will get to see Mrs. Reagan a bit more often than I have been
lately. Anyway, I was still able to have a somewhat interesting time
last night despite the fact it was Monday. Whistler Tom and wife
Marion were in, as were the always entertaining Lisa and Peter.
Peter was in a pretty decent mood, much of that due to my beloved
Dallas Cowboys losing over the weekend, to the delight of his
Deadskin loving heart! Michelle and Fran came in as well, but I did
not get to speak to them as much as I would have liked. The waitress
on the one side of the restaurant was the one and only Kathy (she
who is a guest at the local state 'hotel'), and both Michelle and Fran
don't particularly care for her and hence do not sit on her side of the
restaurant....seems Kathy did NOT give them good service once.
Kathy generally is a great worker, but I am guessing that maybe that
particular night, there were several tables with young, good looking
guys, and she was concentrating on giving her best 'service' to them!
So Michelle and Fran sat on the more distant side of the restaurant.
Lola also called me from the great white, COLD Alaska. She was very
excited as this guy she likes, a fellow colleague at the book store she
works at, is starting to hang out more with her, so fingers and toes
are crossed that this turns into something meaningful down the road.
Lola is a VERY unusual person, quite different from the norm, and
while she claims she doesn't care or isn't concerned about STUFF
(stuff covering various topics in this case), deep down she has quite
a sensitive soul, so it would be nice for something good to fill that
soul up and displace the negative karma in there now. And THAT
was my philosophy/psychology for the day - from Peter's displaced
joy to Kathy's flirtations to Lola's soulmate quest...the doctor is now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Lola from Alaska. Things are colder than a witch's tit right now up here. BUT...I'm in a nice warm woolie sweater!

6:33 PM, December 12, 2006  

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