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Friday, December 08, 2006

more e-coli?

Scanning the headlines in CNN today, and they are rather glum.
I am sure most people have been following the story of the father
and husband who left his family in their car to try to find help in
the middle of nowhere in Oregon. The California family had gotten
lost coming back from Thanksgiving vacation, survived several days
in their car, then the gentleman set out on in the snowy wilderness.
The wife and 2 daughters were rescued soon after; the father's body
was found the other day. He died of hypothermia, less than a mile
from shelter and food, and about a 1/2 a mile from his car. Simply
tragic. I had been hoping that he was still alive as investigators and
searchers found pieces of maps and clothing that he had left as clues
during his almost 10 mile trek. Sad is an understatement for the
outcome of that story. Pathetic is the word for this next headline.
An Arab-American has been arrested for plotting to bomb shopping
centers in Illinois. Just sickening, trying to kill or maim innocents,
and for what?!? I will never understand that mentality. And another
headline about E Coli has emerged, and this one hitting a bit close
to home. Apparently 121 people in 6 states have been infected with
the bacteria, and it appears that the vast majority of these folks
recently ate in a Taco Bell. I am a bit alarmed; while I do not frequent
fast food eateries, fast food Mexican is a sinful treat I indulge in about
once a month. A nice 7-layer burrito or meximelt does the trick, or
the occasional special they run, the cheesy gordita crunch - yum!
Green onions or scallions seem to be the culprit this time; if y'all
remember, it was bagged spinach from California a couple of
months ago. Preliminary details emerging about this new case is
that the onions are coming from a farm in...yes, you guessed it...
California! Another black eye for the left coast if this turns out to
be true. While Virginia is not on the list of the affected states, I
think I will hold off on my dietary transgression for a little while!


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