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Monday, December 18, 2006

grab bag

The 4 day opening shift marathon is FINALLY over...whew! I mean,
it was nice to see some of the customers I don't usually see, and I do
enjoy the faster weekend breakfast pace....BUT....I am still a night owl
and always will be! As I have missed a couple of days here, need to do
a quick catchup - Dallas won this weekend, so hopefully they are back
on track now that they clinched a playoff berth. Sad news the last few
days....lost climbers on a frozen Mt. Hood, kids killing themselves
because they didn't make the honor roll....and last but not least, it
appears that authorities have arrested a man in connection with the
deaths of 4 prostitutes in England (you know, at times it seems the
world's oldest profession is also the most dangerous). Oh, and last
night was the last episode of the Showtime series 'Sleeper Cell' that
I had mentioned last week. Was definitely worth watching, and I am
sure that they will repeat it, so try to catch it. Naturally, they left the
ending rather ambiguous, so of course that means there will be a 3rd
season next year! But until then, I will be able to watch the new
season of '24', which will start in January. I was watching football the
other day and, during the commercials, there were ads for the new
season starting soon. More unrealistic spy stuff....LOVE IT! Now I
must...I must...get the rest of my Christmas plans and shopping in
gear, a week away. Worst thing is that I need to go to the post office,
I can only imagine the lines there....ick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any of LilRed's readers have a Cingular Cell phone they want to give me? I washed mine. It's dead. I'm in Alaska. I'm poor. I'm without a cell phone now.

4:37 AM, December 20, 2006  

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