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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wish list

I think I got all my Christmas cards out. It was a little harder this year,
as I seem to have misplaced my address book; I looked everywhere,
but to no avail. So I had to rely on the phone book, and on friends who
sent their cards to me first, allowing me to grab their details from the
return address! As for my actual shopping, am almost done, need just
3 more things (unless something unforeseen pops up). Of course, at
times I wonder what is worse, the actual shopping part, or wrapping
the gifts. I see the folks who wrap just perfectly, with even paper,
gorgeous bows and ribbons, not a piece of tape out of place. Needless
to say, I am NOT one of those type of people! My paper is crooked,
tape askew, and my ribbon consists of those stick on bows; eventually
I get to the point where I will break down and buy those overpriced
gift bags just to prevent further embarrassment! Anyway, should any
of my friends be reading and be in a last minute daze as to what to
get me for Christmas, let me just say cash, gift certificates, and gift
cards are good! If you prefer a more personal touch....well....let's see.
A membership to a local gym would be cool. (I would actually make
an effort to go if someone else got it for me, I would feel guilty if I
wasted someone else's money!) Good history books are always a
treat. Our home would love a seaside or old city landscape painting.
The coin collector in me would appreciate any Barber coins, 3 cent
nickels, or Morgan dollars. A DVD boxed set of 'Bewitched' (with the
first Darren of course!), or 'The Avengers' (but only with Emma Peel!)
would also be sweet! I know, rather retro, but you have to admit, the
battles between Endora and Darren in 'Bewitched' and Emma Peel
kicking butt in her high heeled boots in 'The Avengers' are too good
to pass up!


Anonymous Santa said...

Gee, I read your Wish List with great interest and I didn't see anything related to one of your special interests listed there.

Maybe I choser the wrong present this year!

You also didn't say anthing about the Cowhands. I should think you would want them to go to the Super Bowl!


5:09 PM, December 21, 2006  

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