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Saturday, December 30, 2006

good riddance

Yes, good riddance - to Saddam Hussein that is. I sometimes have
questions over the death penalty, with that ever so slight chance
that in some cases, an innocent person is condemned. Definitely
a debatable topic. But this man was FAR from innocent; he was a
bloodthirsty, tyrannical dictator. That doesn't mean that in 10, 20,
or 30 years from now there won't be another dictator as bad or
even worse than him around, that is just the cycle of history, but in
the end, all the tyrants get their just desserts. It is just a tragedy,
however, that by they time they do, it is too late for most of their
victims. That's about all I have to say today, as my sweet husband,
very unintentionally, has shared his cold with me, hence it is my
turn to feel icky and gross. oh well, let's hope the Advil and Zicam
cold remedies (the latter recommended to me by the Thompsons
last night!) work quickly - I see a few days of soup, oatmeal, juice,
and hot chocolate overloads in my immediate future!


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