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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Work...and work release!

Well, my 3 day holiday weekend is about at the end, back to the
restaurant tomorrow. I must say I did enjoy my time off, even if
hubby decided to come down with a cold in the meantime...poor
thing is miserable, hope he gets over it soon. Will be interesting
what the next few days hold at the restaurant. I am sure Beth's
farewell tour will continue. She is the dayshift waitress who will
be leaving next week due to another surgery on her wrist; she is
very doubtful about coming back, so she has been saying goodbye
to the regular customers. This means Keisha will pick up most of
Beth's shifts - Keisha has been itching to be on dayshift for a while
anyway, so it looks like her wish will come true unless something
unforeseen happens. Of course, this means we will be a bit short
on nightshift waitstaff, but have no fear, there is a solution at hand.
I have written about Kathy, our lovely waitress/hostess star, who
resides at the local state hotel unfortunately. Well, her roommate
has also been on work release, employed by a local breakfast chain.
Well, I guess Kathy was extolling the virtues of our restaurant to
her roomie, so guess who will be starting this week as a new night
shift waitress?!!? Yes, we are about to employ yet another convict;
the rationale being that we know this person, just like Kathy, will
NOT miss a single shift! I know what you are thinking, sitting
there shaking your collective heads - what kind of restaurant is
this, employing jailbirds? Well, it is almost a prerequisite, to have
been in trouble with the law, in order to be employed by the
restaurant; 4 of the cooks have been in jail for various amounts of
time, as have at least 2 waitresses other than Kathy. And practically
everyone has had some kind of run in with the law, be it court
appearances, warrants, summons, or garnishments. Can you tell
we don't do background checks? Heck, if we did that, we would
have, at most, maybe 3 employees! Good help IS hard to find!


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