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Friday, December 29, 2006

weekend upon us

and that means I am back to my preferred nightshift! It isn't only the
hours that my night owl self likes better, but I just seem to have
more and nicer, if not funner, visits! (hhmmm, is funner even a real
word? oh well, it is now!) Hope this weekend is no different. One
thing that is constant about the dayshift is the never ending drama
surrounding Tiffany. It is GUARANTEED that each and every week
there will be something new going on her life. The latest? Apparently
the ex-boyfriend she dumped a couple of months ago is going to try
to get her in trouble with the IRS! When they were living together
in Tiffany's house, the son of this ex, (not by Tiffany), was living with
them as well. Since this ex was out of work most of the time (and of
course in jail for a brief while too), Tiffany claimed the boy on her
taxes. Well, the ex told her that he would now file back taxes and
claim the boy, since he is the father, and say that Tiffany had no
right to claim him. hhhhmmmm, both living in her house and of
course she was supporting both - I think the IRS will see it her way.
So that was this week's drama...stay tuned for next week's episode!
Changing streams - I noticed an article by 'Overdrive' magazine, a
monthly publication aimed at truck drivers. It discussed the states
with the worst and best roads, drivers, rest stops, and the level of
law enforcement. Our fine state of Virginia ranked in the top 5 in 3
categories: #5 in best roads (tops was Texas), #5 in the best inter-
state list - I-81 specifically (first was 1-40 in Tennessee), and in the
one that has hit me close to home too often, #3 in the toughest law
enforcement category (California was first, yet another reason that
state is on my black list!). The state police and county sheriffs hide
in the darndest places, trying to catch folks speeding! It doesn't help,
of course, that radar detectors are illegal ONLY in Virginia and
Washington D.C.. What is that about? Money money money.....
speeding tickets is how some of these hick counties get funds to
survive I guess. I could rant and rave all day about this, but the
response to such would be 'SLOW DOWN'! I can't do it...I try,
but as Sammy Hagar sang, 'I Can't Drive 55!'


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