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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just say Glitter!

Pre-teen girls, hundreds, no, make that THOUSANDS of them,
descended on the restaurant last night, or at least that's what it
felt like anyway! There was some kind of musical at the new arena
up the road last night, a show that was aimed towards the female
pre-teen-y bopper crowd. I think you know the scene, where about a
dozen giggling girls dash en masse to the bathroom together, and
then run out all together again, replete with sparkles, glitter, and hair
ribbons! The restaurant filled up with these girls and their families
before the musical started; it was simply a madhouse, and VERY
loud, to the point I could barely hear the phone when it rang. After
the musical was over, we got another rush, but nowhere near as
intense, guess it was past some of these girls' bedtime! But those
who did come all had T-shirts on from the show, and possessed some
kind of neon sticks that they waved around. Yes, I know I was this age
once, but I was never one of those girls, not even close. I would get
excited when we would go to the circus or to a football or basketball
game of the local university team, but did so without screaming and
definitely NO glitter!


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