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Monday, January 15, 2007

W-2 mania

It's that time of year that oh so many folks look forward to, the time
when they badger and hound their employers for a certain piece of
paper - the W-2. At the restaurant, folks began asking for it the very
day after the new year..."when are the W-2s' going to be in, when are
the W-2s' coming, when are we going to get our W-2s'?" Over and
over and over, until they finally had it in their hot little hands. And
for what? To run to the nearest low-cost tax office that promises
instant refunds or a loan based on their tax return amount. It seems
to make little or no difference to them that they have to pay an extra
fee (in addition to the usual fee for tax preparation) for the instant
refunds (as opposed to the usual time frame, which in my experience
has been about 2 weeks, but NO, that is just too long to wait), or that
these 'loans' carry a high interest rate. No problem. They get quick,
easy cash on hand to go and get a new tattoo or piercing, or to buy a
trunk full of assorted alcoholic beverages and have a party. I don't say
this to be cruel or demeaning; I say it because I have actually heard
the plans of how most of the tax return money is going to be spent by
some of the staff at the restaurant. I can count on one hand the
number of people who are actually going to save the money, or use it
for something important and worthwhile (and we have just over 20
people working at the restaurant). Oh well, to each his/her own. I'll
wait until the mad rush is over, say late February, early March, before
the last minute folks get going; then I'll call my buddy at H&R Block
and have him prepare my return. Any money I may get back will post
directly to my account about 2 weeks later. No tattoos or piercings
here.....too squeamish with needles anyway!


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