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Monday, July 23, 2007

Girls Behaving Badly

So y'all know that most men, my husband included, have a 
thing for the television remote control. One evening not too 
long ago, while roaming the channels, hubby came across an 
amusing hidden camera show. Apparently when he was 
younger he was a big fan of 'Candid Camera'. Well, the show 
he discovered is similar to it, but with a twist. It is called 
'Girls Behaving Badly' and it stars 4 lady pranksters who 
pull rather outrageous, and sometimes raunchy, gags on 
unsuspecting victims. Some of the pranks are cute, others on 
the verge of indecency, and a few are just silly. But all in all,
'Girls Behaving Badly' is good 1/2 hour of entertainment. 
You can find Kira, Chelsea, Melissa, and Shondrella, the 4 
crazy gals, on the Oxygen Channel, available on basic cable. 

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