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Monday, July 16, 2007

The curse of the moto razr

Spoke to gal pal Lola earlier this evening. Her plans to acquire
the iPhone were temporarily postponed last week, but in the
meantime, her current phone decided to cease operations. So,
as one of her good friends did indeed buy an iPhone, she had 
an extra phone to give to Lola.....a Motorola Razr. Now, let me
fill you in on my humble opinion on this matter. I am by no
means superstitious, nor do I believe in psychic stuff or spells,
but I kind of have to wonder about Lola and her relationship
with Razrs. This will be the 4th one she has had in about a 
year. Her first one was stolen, the second suffered a painful
death in a washing machine, and the third suffered an unfor-
tunate demise in the snow and ice of Alaska. So I really have
to wonder a couple of things - first, why would she take 
another one after her string of bad Razr luck? Secondly, I 
can't help but wonder what the Fates hold for this latest 
Motorola - perhaps it will be run over accidentally as it falls 
out of a pocket under the tire of some vehicle, or maybe it will 
end up slipping into some dingy toilet of a bar where Lola has
had too much to drink! 


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