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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sounds like a plan! occasionally provides me with some rather 
cute stories. The latest one that caught my eye was titled 
"Jail break timed with guard toilet break."! Naturally, I 
could not resist. In Manilla, capital of the Philippines, 
7 men escaped from a police station detention cell by 
sawing on the bars (albeit very old, rusty bars) of the cell 
they were in. They were able to time their sawing with the
numerous bathroom visits the lone guard took that evening; 
the guard was nursing an upset stomach and had to make 
several toilet pit stops. It wasn't until several hours later 
that the guard noticed the damaged cell and the missing 
prisoners. What made it worse is that of the 7 escapees, 2 
were being held on murder charges (the other 5 for theft 
and robbery). Needless to say, the guard was suspended, 
as was his commanding officer. I suppose the possible loss 
of work will really make the poor guy's stomach churn!

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