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Monday, June 25, 2007

A diverse trio

I must admit, I have been remiss in introducing y'all to some
of the new wait staff additions that we have had at the 
restaurant recently. They are all night shift girls, as that 
shift has a MUCH higher turnover rate than day shift. I am
pretty much convinced that the main reason for that is the 
late closing hour that we have there; not a whole lot of folks 
are too keen on being out and about at 2 am. Night shift is 
also a much slower, more relaxed pace than day shift; hence, 
the better waitresses tend to work during the more hectic 
day, while at night we can usually get by with staff who are 
not quite as efficient. Those who realize that waiting tables 
is NOT for them then move along. So the 3 newer staff 
members I need to bring y'all up to date with are Patricia, 
Terri, and Susan. Patricia is Hispanic, from Puerto Rico, but 
speaks excellent English. She is a good waitress and a very 
hard worker; the only drawback is that she is habitually late 
to work, to the point that the rare day she is on time, others
applaud or fall over!. In part I can understand her being short 
on time - she has 4 kids at home, plus her sister, with her 3 
kids, has been staying with her as well lately. I can only 
imagine the difficulty of time management in her case.
Patricia has become quite popular, as several regulars ask
for her. Terri is our new part-time gal, working only on the
weekends as she has a full time day job during the week. She 
too has kids, 3 of them, counting on her at home. Terri's sense 
of humor and wry sarcasm is a definite plus in the restaurant, 
you can definitely count on her to liven things up and keep you 
on your toes! One of her victims has been the 3rd gal I men-
tioned, Susan. She is the youngest of the bunch, just 19, and
quite a BIG gal, about 6 foot and very large boned. Let's just 
say she makes me looks small, and those who know me can 
verify that I am not. She is a work in progress, as she has had 
trouble catching on to how we do things there. Susan is part-
time, which is just as well actually; she also babysits during 
the day, and, basically, most of the other staff believe she 
should stick to her day job! But she isn't a bad person, just 
maybe not quite the smartest. The other day one of the cooks 
made a pizza error, and generally mistakes get eaten by the 
staff. Terri, as she was about to grab a piece, commented how
she didn't really need to be eating pizza, which Susan belied by 
stating that, actually, pizza was good for you, not detrimental 
at all! Ever since then, Terri has joked about how eating
pizza will slim you down, allowing you to drop 2 pants sizes!
She even took it further by calling M&M's "diet pills"! Susan's
reaction? A typically blonde one - an oblivious "huh"?!?


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