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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Ok, the food recalls are alarming in their own right, after all, food
poisoning is no fun. But some folks now have to even be careful
about what they brush their teeth with after their meal. The FDA
began spot-checking toothpaste retailers and distributors in May for
tainted toothpaste; they were following up on press reports about
contaminated toothpaste from China being found in Australia,
Panama, and the Dominican Republic. On June 1st, the FDA issued an
alert concerning counterfeit tubes of Colgate labeled as having been
made in South Africa; suspicions grew when the words 'South Africa'
and 'clinically' were misspelled on the labels. Furthermore, Colgate-
Palmolive has stated that it does not import toothpaste from South
Africa. The fake Chinese toothpaste does not contain flouride, but
instead has been found to contain traces of a chemical found in anti-
freeze. Now the FDA has issued a full recall of the 'South Africa' tubes
after the counterfeit dental product was found in stores in Maryland,
New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The fake tubes of Colgate
have so far been found in various dollar stores. That in itself would
have raised my eyebrows. I am a loyal user of Colgate, have been for
years. I know the real price of this brand of toothpaste, and it is NOT
a dollar. The FDA has acknowledged that Colgate-Palmolive has not
manufactured or distributed the fake product. Boy, the Chinese really
have high standards - if y'all recall, some of the contaminated pet food
involved in the pet food recalls contained products that came from the
populous Asian giant. Counterfeit purses are one thing, but at least a
fake Gucci or Kate Spade doesn't adversely affect your health.

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