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Monday, June 04, 2007

Lot Lizards

Just to tie up some loose ends here. Kathy, as of this past weekend,
is in New York, hopefully in wedded bliss. She plans to be back in
the area later on this month to get her last things and paychecks -
anyone betting that she may not leave again if she does? But that
is cruel on my part, to be such a skeptic when it comes to Kathy,
but her track record leaves alot to be desired. That brings us to
her ex-roomie in the big house, Annie. She finally became a free
woman last week, and has called the restaurant twice to ensure
that she can come back to work in a couple of weeks once she has
her life back on a somewhat normal track. Changing streams, Lola
has left town for now, as her summer job began over the weekend.
She was able to 'educate' me last week, introducing to a phrase I
had never heard - Lot Lizard. I had never heard it before, and
while it did sound sleazy, I never imagined how much! Apparently
a lot lizard is a working girl who frequents large truck stops on
the interstates. Seems that a gal from Lola's hometown has been
making waves with her choice of livelihood. Apparently she had
to be rescued from 2 different truckstops, one in Tennessee, the
other in Maryland, where she had been stranded. As Lola
explained it to me, a lot lizard picks up a trucker, gets out at the
next big truckstop, whereupon she picks up another trucker who
is going the opposite way, back where she came from. Sadly, the
hometown lot lizard gal was unable to find a client to return home
with twice in the last week, hence the calls to be rescued. Guess
those high gas prices are hurting all kinds of businesses!


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