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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vent, rant and rave cont.

To pick up on my tirade about the immigration issue that I
touched upon yesterday. Again, I will reiterate that I am all
about immigration - it has given millions of people, including
some very close to me, a chance to make better lives. It opens
opportunities that may not be available elsewhere. BUT, and
this is a big BUT, immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Africa,
when arriving in the U.S., were/are expected to learn English.
Which brings me to the issue that boils my blood...why the
(mostly illegal) immigrants from Central and South America
are able to skate by without learning English like the others.
Furthermore, why are we, as Americans, forcing ourselves to
learn Spanish instead of making these folks learn English???
No one learned Greek or Italian to speak with my family,
or tried to pick up Russian, Korean, or Farsi to facilitate
communications. The Greeks, Italians, Koreans, Russians,
Persians, and ALL non-Spanish speakers learned English -
they had NO choice. But the Spanish-speaking immigrants
have books, TV and radio ads, documents, guides, game and
foodstuff labels, and much more all translated for them. So
many want ads in the classified sections emphasize the need
for Spanish speaking individuals - why not Indian or Dutch?
It simply isn't fair. I have lived in Europe, and visited several
nations while I was over there, and NEVER did I expect the
natives of the countries that I was in to speak to me in English.
I spoke to them in their language, maybe not perfectly, but I
was able to communicate well enough to get by. So I will close
by telling all you American folks out there....WAKE UP, take
back your country, before you lose it right before your very
eyes without realizing it.


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